The 100 Feet No-Wake Law

Common courtesy toward other boaters and property demands that we control our wakes.

The general rule of thumb on Lake Harding is that you should reduce your speed to a state of no appreciable wake when you are at or within 100 feet of the shoreline and/or property such as a dock.


“It is unlawful to operate a vessel at greater than no-wake speed within 100 feet of a dock or pier on the waters of Lake Harding in Lee County. No-wake speed is idle speed or slow speed creating no appreciable wake.”

2019 Code of Alabama
Title 45 – Local Laws.
Chapter 41 – Lee County.
Article 22 – Parks, Historic Preservation, Museums, and Recreation.
Section 45-41-220 – No-wake zone.


“(f) No person shall operate any vessel or tow a person or persons on water skis, an aquaplane, a surfboard, or any similar device on the waters of this state at a speed greater than idle speed within 100 feet of any vessel which is moored, anchored, or adrift outside normal traffic channels, or any wharf, dock, pier, piling, bridge structure or abutment, person in the water, or shoreline adjacent to a full-time or part-time residence, public park, public beach, public swimming area, marina, restaurant, or other public use area. This subsection shall not be interpreted to prohibit any person from initiating or terminating water skiing from any wharf, dock, or pier owned by such person or used by such person with the permission of the owner of said wharf, dock, or pier nor shall it be interpreted to prohibit the immediate return of a tow vessel to a downed water skier.”

2019 Georgia Code
Title 52 – Waters of the State, Ports, and Watercraft
Chapter 7 – Registration, Operation, and Sale of Watercraft
Article 1 – General Provisions
ยง 52-7-18. Rules of the road for boat traffic