Wake for Warriors

June 22nd - June 26th

Rumble on the River

July 3rd

Rumble on the River is an annual 4th of July fireworks event that is sponsored by the Lake Harding Association (LHA). It is a fantastic and dazzling display of fireworks that is fun and entertaining for all the residents of the lake, the children, visiting friends, and any one else fortunate enough to be able to enjoy. Come on down and see the show!

Muddy Water Music Fest

July 1st - July 31st

Muddy Water Music Fest is an annual music event that takes place in July at Two Tree Island on Lake Harding.

2 Tree Island Summer Sundays Services

June 4th - August 27th

Two Tree Island is exactly as it’s name claims to be. To most people who pass by, the island is nothing more than a meeting point. But, to those who have visited Two Tree Island on a Sunday morning during June, July, and August, its a place that we gather to worship and lift up the King of Kings!

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